Five designs make it to the Habitare Design Competition final

  • By Annika Suomi
  • Julkaistu June 29, 2015
  • Avainsanat

The finalist designs have been selected for the Habitare Design Competition, targeting design and architecture students. The theme of the competition, now being held for 14th time, is burr. All the designs offer a solution to a situation in which an unexpected but welcome guest comes for a visit. The winning design will be selected by the head judge, Juhani Pallasmaa.

The finalists of the Habitare Design Competition are:

Kiepaus/Pipsa Pokkinen and Sanni Sipilä
Kuusio/Heikki Konu, Erik Lindahl, Minna-Maria Salonen and Sami Markkula
Pahkat/Heidi M. Huovinen
Pinot Noir/Sanelma Hihnala
Visa/Otto Honkamaa and Lassi Luotonen

Burr – Theme of the Habitare Design Competition

  • By Annika Suomi
  • Julkaistu April 1, 2015
  • Avainsanat

Create and carry out fresh ideas for an artistically and functionally high-quality space, piece of furniture, item, accessory or a combination of these. The items can be expanded, enlarged or continued if needed.

Find a solution for a situation when an unexpected, yet cherished, guest comes unannounced to your door. Read More.

Young designers on the Block

  • By Annika Suomi
  • Julkaistu February 23, 2015
  • Avainsanat

Young, innovative, and bold design will be presented in Habitare’s The Block area. The area, to be set up next to the ahead! design area, will include the new Talentshop exhibition, the Protoshop exhibition, and the stands of design institutions and start-up companies. The exhibitors for the Talentshop have just been selected. Works exhibited from various designers include furniture, small objects, printed fabrics, textiles and light fittings.


Apply for Protoshop 2015

  • By Annika Suomi
  • Julkaistu February 20, 2015
  • Avainsanat

Protoshop is an annual event produced by Imu design and the Finnish fair Corporation presenting 10-15 new prototypes at the Habitare design fair. Proposals can be sent by all designers or design students living in Finland. Each proposal should be presented on 1-2 boards, size A3. Mark you name and contact information on back side of both boards. Send your proposal by February 27th (if sending by mail, a postage stamp marked 27.2.2015 is accepted). Write “Protoshop” on your envelope. Send to: Sanna Salovuori, Suomen Messut, Messuaukio 1, PL 21, 00521 Helsinki. The jury will select works to be exhibited week 11 and notify the selected designers shortly.

Being selected for Protoshop means that your work will be exhibited together with the other selected works at the Protoshop stand at the Habitare fair in September. Your work will be photographed and presented on the Protoshop website. The designer is responsible for making the prototype and for any manufacturing costs. All rights to the work stay with the designer.

Breaking free

  • By Annika Suomi
  • Julkaistu February 20, 2015
  • Avainsanat

Habitare is ready for change in 2015.

The theme for the fair’s ahead! design area of 2015 is “Breaking free” – from the usual and mundane, the economic depression and a grim outlook on the future.

With this theme in mind, Habitare will renew the fair concept in multiple ways.

EcoDesign on the way to Milan

  • By Annika Suomi
  • Julkaistu February 11, 2014
  • Avainsanat


International ahead! in Habitare

introduces exciting new design

ahead! in Habitare

ahead! exhibition space provides a great possibility for product launching and prototype testing. In addition to new products the area displays design classics and conceptual visions of future. Department design is streamlined and bold.

ahead! -theme 2015: Breaking free!

The theme is “Breaking free” – from the usual and mundane, the economic depression and a grim outlook on the future. Design Studio Muotohiomo is the design partner for Habitare’s ahead! area for the third time.


Habitare 2015 - 9.-13.9.2015




If you want to display your products in ahead, contact Tiina Lauren.

ahead!design area:

EcoDesign, Trash Design, Habitare design competition
and Protoshop for rising stars.